The Field of Blood


2x 60min episodes

Cast: David Morrissey, Peter Capaldi, Jonas Armstrong, Jayd Johnson

Director: David Kane

Written by: David Kane based on the novel by Denise Mina

Produced by: Slate North / BBC Scotland

David Morrissey, Peter Capaldi, Jonas Armstrong and Jayd Johnson star in ‘The Field of Blood’, a dark and compelling crime thriller, adapted from the best-selling novel by Denise Mina. Written and directed by David Kane, the crime drama is set in 1982 and centres on would-be journalist Paddy Meehan (Jayd Johnson), a young copygirl working in a Glasgow newspaper office.

Stuck in an almost exclusively male-dominated world of limited opportunities and cynicism, Paddy dreams of becoming an investigative journalist, believing that in miscarriages of justice, reporters are sometimes the only hope. She seizes an opportunity to kick-start her career and becomes embroiled in a dark murder case. For the ambitious Paddy, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but it comes at a great personal cost.

BAFTA Awards, Scotland 2011 – Best Actor/Actress – Television – Jayd Johnson