Man About Dog


Cast: Allen Leech, Ciaran Nolan, Fionnula Flanagan

Director: Paddy Breathnach

Written by: Pearse Elliott

Producers: Simon Channing Williams & Robert Walpole

Executive Producers: Gail Egan, Brendan McCarthy, Jim Reeve, Steve Robbins, Mark Woods.

Potboiler Productions / Treasure Entertainment

When Belfast boys O’Chara and his friends Scud Murphy and Cerebral Palsy come into a young greyhound as payment for a favour done for hooky bookie JP McCallion, it’s a dream come true. Owning their own dog is surely going to end a run of bad luck that’s lasted since they placed their very first bets. But Cerbeus is a greyhound with a mind of his own and until they have worked out the not-so-complex doggy psychology behind what makes him run, they’re mired in a losing streak that’s a mile wide. Deep in debt to the ruthless McCallion, sworn enemies of gypsies they have ripped off, for the boys everything’s at stake at the most important event in the dog-racing calendar – the Clonmel meet – if only they and Cerbeus can get there in one piece. A comedy of underdogs coming good without the aid of wisdom, guile or any natural or unnatural advantage whatsoever, proving that if you’re not smart enough to recognise when you’re beaten, you might actually end up winning.