Brothers of the Head


Cast: Harry and Luke Treadaway, Sean Harris

Directors: Keith Fulton & Lou Pepe

Written by: Tony Grisoni

Producers: Simon Channing Williams & Gail Egan

Executive Producers: Peter Carlton, Kate Ogborn, Tessa Ross, Mario Zvan

Somewhere on the desolate Norfolk coastline, Siamese twins are born – Barry and Tom. They form a rock group, The Bang Bang and become superstars. Showbiz entrepreneurs cash in on the brothers’ violent and freakish relationship. A raft of golden discs floats on a growing tide of blood. Only Laura cares. But throughout their quarrelsome existence, Barry and Tomare accompanied by a third head, growing from Barry’s left shoulder. Growing in power and awareness… night falls. The music has to stop.

Boston Independent Film Festival 2006: Special Jury Prize: Narrative
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006: Best New British Feature
Evening Standard British Film Awards 2007: Best Technical Achievement